Mr. Evil

Gamma gave us all new names this weekend. She is Dr. Bad. The kitten is Mr. Evil. I am Mrs. Cottoncool.

7 responses to “Mr. Evil

  1. cj

    Funny. My best friend just calls me “A Liability.”

  2. sue

    I guess that beats “Hey you!”

  3. Gamma has been doing too much laundry!

    (Or at least reading too many “care” labels.)

  4. D

    Damn, none of my clothes require an ‘evil’ wash, unless thats what the E program stands for.

  5. Oh they love it! Making up new names I mean. When my daughters were about that age, Sara told her friends to call Diana “Quackles” and Diana told everyone that Sara was “Miss Priss;” Diana also managed to annoy the heck out of Sara by telling her friends that Sara was her pet dog!

  6. zeynep

    Mig, you don’t have nicknames for them in return? I think I had about 10 different nicknames growing up given by my father and my ucle including “potato salas” and worse :)

  7. Zeynep, in my family it was my children’s father who had a knack for making up cute names for my daughters (names that they liked; as opposed to what they called each other); Diana was Whammy-bird for awhile, Sara was Bozin-dozin…this was when they were preschool age.