Caption contest


I had to get this out of my head. Thanks in advance.

10 responses to “Caption contest

  1. eyemkent

    Yeah, you know you want me.

  2. Kate

    ‘Long in the tooth’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

  3. D

    Random guy in background thinks: How does he keep his hair so straight?

  4. I think the bird in the black has the better cleavage

  5. tuckova

    Putting the “formal” back into “formaldehyde”… or maybe the other way around. Smirk for the camera, now!

  6. (Standard apology for lameness, but) judging by Iggy’s date’s artificially augmented cleavage, how about “Bust for Life”?


  7. Now he’s Donatella’s dog.

  8. Aaaand now that’s stuck in my head. Thanks, Mrs. Cottoncool. Thanks.
    WTheck is with Mz. Versace’s rack, there? She looks like one of the would-be-heiress set we’ve got over yonder in Pleasanton. We call it the “faux-adolescent surgical disaster

  9. gordon

    “Oh, like YOU’VE never accidentally snorted your shirt.”