Trivia Specialist

A colleague at work called me in my office yesterday and asked what is the only human construction visible from space with the naked eye. I told her, she said thanks and we hung up.
My job would be perfect, I think, if I got my vacation back and they stopped monitoring our online behavior and, of late, blocking much of it.
What do you do at work dad?
Trivia specialist, honey.
Our tortoise just took a pee, which I was ignoring. Then she took a large shit, which was unignorable. We were out of paper towels so I used half a box of Kleenex.
Kleenexes. Kleeni. Whatever.
Now she’s running laps.
I would too.
Gamma is sitting here counting the days until Easter.
Mmm. Eggs.
Now she wants me to get her a writing utensil so she can write something into the calendar.
I told her to get it herself because I am not, quote, her slave.
Now the tortoise is noisily eating lettuce.
She must be starved.
I practiced the Grieg last night. It sounded awful. I hadn’t practiced it for three weeks.
The Breval is getting better, though.

4 responses to “Trivia Specialist

  1. Was your answer The Great Wall of China? I’ve heard from reputable sources that that old chestnut is actually a myth.

  2. mig

    What, you know astronauts?
    Eh, no, my answer was the new mall south of Vienna…


    They can see YOU, doll. They would like you to put your pants back on.

  4. Oh, I get it — register a domain called “” (how obvious!), design and code a completely professional-looking website and populate it with thousands of articles and pictures and videos all about space, just so you can point me to some fake article about things being seen from space, huh? Next you’ll be telling me the moon landings were REAL.

    Geez, what do you think I am, Anne, some kinda maroon?

    :: grabbing my pants :::