Currently learning

This is as much for myself as anyone else, so one day I can look back and have a small chuckle at my expense, or something.

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3 responses to “Currently learning

  1. Is this the famous Guanaco Leclerc mystery piece? If so, it’s really getting around. Maybe we should make it the blogging cellists’ theme song – I need to get a copy somewhere.

    Did you memorize it just by practicing it over and over? I surely envy people who can do that.

  2. Actually, the Leclerc piece started with Pink Puffy Slippers. I’ve just talked about it so much since I can actually play it and enjoy how it sounds.

    My teacher and I have played it several times. I don’t have the second part memorized either. Combined, it sounds somewhat different than I had gotten used to…

    I’m still chasing the LeClerc connection – who was he? what else did he write? etc.

    This arrangement apparently came from a collection of cello duets published by EDITIO MUSICA BUDAPEST.

    (GTGP, I just sent you a copy.)

  3. mig

    Yes, it’s the Guanaco/PinkPuffySlipper Leclerc.