Putting the grim back into pilgrim

Another weekend like this last one and I’ll have to hire Francis Strand to ghostwrite posts for me. Like,

    The Wife, the Pharmacist and I had some delicious penne with porcini mushrooms before visiting the nuns at Maria Langegg. Then, on Monday, Beta and I went to Salzburg where we met the Cellist and had antipasti with her at the Triangel before she snuck us into the opera dress-rehearsal through the stage-door, where we rubbed elbows with the Famous Conductor before all driving back to our house (minus the Conductor) in the middle of the night, where I got the best cello lesson of my life.

The German word of the day is nobel, which means posh.

But, I’m not Francis.

One-sentence version: Penne good, had a vision, nuns less scary than imagined, antipasti okay, opera very, very good, cellist marvelous.

That’s not really a real sentence, though, is it.

I’ll do it in chronological, yet stream-of-consciousness, order. Saturday and Sunday Alpha, a friend and I walked from the monastery in G

2 responses to “Putting the grim back into pilgrim

  1. Oh, I much prefer the Mig version…

  2. I like you both in different ways.