A brief remark on playing the cello

Had a cello lesson recently, expected my teacher to flay me over my playing at our first concert, instead he got out a Romberg piece for the class recital end of May.

I’d tried it earlier, months ago, to my dismay. It’s a romantic piece, towards the schmaltzy end of the spectrum, and sounds awful without vibrato; also there are plenty of fast bits that threw me back then.

Sounds better now. Am beginning to vibrate, and the fast bits aren’t as fast as the fast bits I am just shy of being able to play in the orchestra, meaning it is feasible that I will be able to master this by the end of May. I mean, of course I will master it.

3 responses to “A brief remark on playing the cello

  1. i’m sorry, you have seen “the hunger” haven’t you? when david bowie says, “no saccharine!” — if it’s schmaltzy, it’s Your Fault. and if it’s not too schmaltzy, perhaps catherine deneuve or her body double will have a nice little necklace to show you afterwards.

  2. just play bach Mig. F*** Romberg. Life’s too short; I can’t get enough bach . all there is to learn is there plus it’s the best book ever written. gawd romberg. gimme a break. romberg was some bank clerk equivalent making a buck with all his flashy fast notes. NO. if you’re gonna play the cello (which you are) Make music man. you can do it.

    ps in s’burg again this summer and determined to visit. would you like finally to hear mitridate?

  3. mig

    I’m having that printed on a t-shirt, Ruth, your Romberg remark. That was my initial reaction to him too, that I’d rather be playing Bach. I suspect my teacher assigned me this piece to force me to deal with fiddly notes and vibrato.