I won’t say I lack passion, but the only time I taste blood is when I floss.

I don’t want to say I lack passion because saying that makes you sound so old.

I thought it was the long winter. Then I thought it was the sudden spring. We’re still tripping over the cross-country skis in the cellar, and people are running around in t-shirts outside.

At least, they were until it got cold again. And those spring evening skies. And snowdrops and flooding in the woods, and crocuses blooming, finally. And the turtle tortoise up and about and high-centered on another rolled-up lettuce leaf in the kitchen.

    I never thought I’d hear myself saying that I loved a reptile, but that’s one sweet tortoise. I was so relieved when she came out of hibernation!

So I thought it was the weather wearing me down. Sapping me. Or my environment eroding me somehow.

Then I took some pictures of Gamma with Beta’s digital camera. And some of myself. Those of Gamma turned out okay, despite the camera’s high-tech blemish-seeking lens, because being eight she has no blemishes.

In fact, she sparkles. At the moment, there is glitter from the part in her hair to the soles of all our feet, because a lot got on the floor. And on her homework, and on breakfast.

Probably on my new laptop as well. Thanks, Jessica! I went ahead and bought Jessica’s iBook, and it’s working great. Gamma and I are making music on it. We need more loops though. Anyway, the iBook glitters now.

So, I looked at my pictures and man.

It’s all my little sister’s fault. When she was born, I was seven. When she was, what, 18 and going to school in Bellingham, I was 25 I guess, living in basements in Seattle or something.

I was the big brother, like one of those showgirls riding on the nose of the killer whale in the orca show at Marineworld or something, and my sister was the orca, buoying me along age-wise. And a couple weeks ago she turned 40.

Do the math in your head.

The camera lens found burst capillaries, man, that I hadn’t even noticed. Time to get out the old Nikon and some b/w film. And go on a diet.

On the plus side, I was stuck in traffic behind a car from this company this morning. And through a skillful choice of lanes, I got way ahead of it during my trip through town. Right at the end, I got stuck behind a bus and a similar-looking car passed me up, but the company must have lots of cars and it was probably another one.

They say the rain might stop this afternoon. They say we might even get to see the partial solar eclipse.

7 responses to “Ass

  1. you are devastatingly handsome. ease up on yourself.

  2. you say: “I thought it was the long winter. Then I thought it was the sudden spring. We’re still tripping over the cross-country skis in the cellar, and people are running around in t-shirts outside.”
    that is something that my mind could never comprehend – here in Scandinavia, it is still as cold as a rodent’s ass (not that i have ever check its temperature, but anyhow), and people are already walking around as though it is mid-august! madness is what i say!

  3. i think it is a bit scary how quickly you age…and you don’t even realise until much later. holy cannoli.

  4. flerdle

    b/w film rulez. But always staying on the safe side of the camera is even better.

  5. sue

    Chill out! You’ve got several years till you hit 50. I’ve got less than three months till I hit 70!!

  6. mig

    You know, Sue, I heard you saying something like that even as I wrote that post.

  7. I cannot begin to say how welcome you are, Mig, and am so glad that machine is gettin’ some musical glittery love. And don’t feel so bad about the capillaries. It’s not for nothing that whole industries have been built around them. Freelance make-up artists can earn more than union gaffers, and you know lighting is the key to the practice of movie magic. The other trick is to know which brand of $5/oz. drugstore concealer is the same formulation as its $55/oz. boutique line.