Casting call for the Metamorphosism People’s Choir

I need your voice. And your language.

Here is the thing: I am working on this composition? It is an ensemble piece, with a tuba and a double bass at the center, surrounded by a xylophone, glockenspiel, harp, cello and perhaps something else. It is based on this post.

I would also like to incorporate voices, as follows: I would like to play, as part of the piece, a loop consisting of a number of voices reading a text I have written. The voices may be distorted or otherwise altered. I would like to have readers of a variety of ages and genders. Although the text is in English, I would also like to have it read in other languages, so if you are in the mood to do this, and could translate it and read it in a language other than English, that would be excellent. Since this weblog has a very international readership, I thought I would ask here first.

Here are a few details:

  • I cannot pay anything, at least not at this point. This is an amateur production. I also have no plans to use this commercially.

  • Recording quality is not a high priority. Background noise is even okay, especially if it’s bar noise. Computer microphone, cell phone, etc is okay.
  • MP3 would be easiest for me.
  • As mentioned, the more languages, and dialects of English, and types of speakers, the better.
  • I will need you to give me permission to use your voice in the loop for this composition. I suppose permission in the email sending me the MP3 file would be sufficient.
  • The sooner the better.

Besides several varieties of English, I think regulars here also include speakers of Turkish, Danish, French, German, Czech, and Dutch, and I think without looking too far we could find other languages as well. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. A good email to use would be metamorphosist at

The text in question is included in the extended entry part of this post. Thank you in advance.

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Hypothetical play

Scene I
Set: A kitchen
Hypothetical Man: Out of the garbage, pal.
Hypothetical Cat: Nom nom nom.
Hypothetical Man: [Walks out of kitchen]
Hypothetical Cat: [Follows man out of kitchen]
Hypothetical Man: [Returns to kitchen, closes door, shutting out cat]
Hypothetical Man: Hr hr hr.

Scene II
Set: In a house somewhere.
Hypothetical Man: Touch me more.
Hypothetical Woman: Huh?
Hypothetical Man: In general. I dunno. I just want to be touched more, you know?
Hypothetical Woman: You can’t just ask for it like that.
Hypothetical Man: I just did.
Hypothetical Woman: Well, not if you want to be touched.
Hypothetical Man: What do I have to do, then?
Hypothetical Woman: You have to purr.
Hypothetical Man: ??
Hypothetical Woman: It works for the cats.
Hypothetical Man: Purr.
Hypothetical Woman: [Strokes hypothetical man's fur.]
Hypothetical Man: Prr-prr-prr.

Scene III
Setting: Same house, another room.
Hypothetical Man: Prr-prr-prr.
Hypothetical Woman: [Trying to get something done. Strokes hypothetical man's fur as they walk through the room]
Hypothetical Man: Prr-prr-prrrr.
Hypothetical Woman: [Walks out of room]
Hypothetical Man: [Follows her out of room] Prr.
Hypothetical Woman: [Returns to room, closes door, leaving hypothetical man in stairwell]
Hypothetical Man: [blink]