Cello progress report

I’ve been somewhat distracted by life lately, and yet not in a manner one could bitch about in any interesting way. Mornings have been foggy and beautiful. Luckily there were no law enforcement officers around because I was driving and taking pictures on my way to work again this morning. On the bad for your concentration while driving scale, photography falls somewhere between telecommunications activity and what I once saw happening in the Dodge Charger in front of me on a road out in some Wyoming wasteland once a long time ago.

With certain exceptions that may even be more conceptual than real, to the extent that real concepts are less real than, say, fog, or hibernating tortoises (I sometimes wonder whether Schr

Long-lost early Beatrix Potter manuscript recovered from lining of man’s top hat purchased on eBay

It was badly stained. Using x-rays, Evco Institute restorers recovered the following text:

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Learning to drive

Beta is learning to drive. She takes lessons at a school in town, and practices with me. We attach warning signs to the windshield and back window of her car with suction cups and off we go.

We drive all over. She does real well, I’m proud of her.

Today she’s driving me to music school. I have a cello lesson after work and she has harp. So I have to remember to drive home instead of to music school.

I had forgotten how hard it was to learn to drive. Or, I remembered that it was hard to learn to drive, but I had forgotten precisely how it was hard to learn to drive.

But she does real well.