Subscope theremins

This guy makes the most awesome-looking theremins I’ve ever seen. Apparently each one is unique. They seem to sound pretty good as well, to the extent that one can judge that from online sound samples.

3 responses to “Subscope theremins

  1. Amethyste Spardel

    I agree! I have a Subscope and it sounds amazing!! :)

  2. mig

    Hah, your videos on vimeo were how I discovered these in the first place. How does the sound compare to a Moog?

  3. Amethyste Spardel

    There is no comparison… His are so mellow and full… not aggressive. There are 3 “voices to choose from” and within each one, many other settings to satisfy any music you might be playing. Dominik is such a nice person, he custom made this theremin for me because i am a leftie :)
    Here is the most recent video i uploaded with his Voicematic 3.