My daughter Beta is currently eating durian in Singapore, en route to Australia, where she will be drinking Foster’s, I presume. If you don’t believe me, you can read about it at her new travelblog.

In Beta’s honor, I have changed the rules to this year’s limerick contest to require Australian place names, among other things.

I miss her already.

5 responses to “Travelkind

  1. Jann

    I like the new travelblog :-)

  2. k

    oooh! thanks. i really enjoyed reading her travels through india.

    i had some foster’s last week. but…here.

    wow! what a comment!

  3. paul

    Wow, she blogs fluently in a second language! How non-American is that? Perhaps more common for a European, but still impressive for anyone.

  4. beta

    I suggest y’all sign up for e-mail updates!

  5. beta

    and if you like it, like it, and spread the word. much obliged, thank you very much, going to watch South-East Asia’s nicest laser show now.