Well, whatever, nevermind

The setting:

A darkened stage. Maybe with howling wolves yipping around the perimeter, if you have budget for that. Dark, and cold. A man sits in a Mazda 2 with 160,000 km on the odometer and 4mm of brake pads left.

Two teenaged girls climb into the car.

Girl one: Hi, Mr. Living.

Man: Hi.

Girl two: Hi, dad.

Man: Hi. How was the movie?

Girl two: Ok.

Man: Ok.

Girl two: can you take Girl one home?

Man: Sure. [turns on car stereo]

Sound effects: something slightly industrial, vaguely so, with the result that one is not immediately sure whether it is music or is something falling off the car?

Girl two: What CD do you have in?

Man: Sigur Ros, I think.

Sound effects: clearly music, more industrial and darker now.

Girl two: isn’t Sigur Ros, i dunno, chiller?

Man: [Checks] I mean, Nine Inch Nails

Girl two: I was thinking.

Man: Nine Inch Nails, not Sigur Ros. Easy mistake to make.

Girl two: Heh.

Man: Could happen to anyone.

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