Sometimes you’re the hammock

Somestimes you’re the hammock, and sometimes you’re the man of leisure.

Sometimes you’re the moon, and sometimes you’re the lunatic.

Sometimes you’re the frying pan, and sometimes you’re the fire.

Sometimes it looks like you’re writing a letter, would you like help?

Sometimes you’re the saw, and sometimes you’re the bow.

Sometimes there’s one right thing to do, and sometime’s there’s no right thing to do.

(In which case, doing nothing is also an option.)

Sometimes you’re the sports car, and sometimes you’re the traffic jam.

Sometimes you’re the comedian, and sometimes you’re the punchline.

Sometimes lay, sometimes lie, try to mix them 50:50.

Sometimes you’re tired, and sometimes you’re sleeping.

Sometimes you’re dreaming, but you won’t remember it when you wake up.

One response to “Sometimes you’re the hammock

  1. tuckova

    Sometimes you make me smile, and sometimes you make me laugh so hard I nearly fall off the chair.