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4 responses to “QEMM?

  1. You are such a bad-ass. Viva los machos!
    (Also? There’s a new gelateria here in Berkeley. Not as good as That One You Took Us To in Vienna, but pretty intense all the same. The pistachio is full of, and tastes just like, pistachios. Too thick and heavy though. I miss Viennese ice cream.)

  2. mig

    Weird, Jessica: I was eating pistachio ice cream! And it was excellent too! So was Beta, BTW. We just discovered that a local gelateria makes very good pistachio, see. Also, I had “cookies” and “stracciatella” flavors, which were also very fine. Gamma had chocolate, which was heavenly – very chocolaty (she generously gave me a taste, although she wasn’t interested in my pistachio).

  3. The trick is to get 1/2 pistachio and 1/2 chocolate. Buthave them put the chocolate on top, because it melts faster. Mm….