My banana is freezing

What are you doing for the inauguration?
I broke into my own house. I forgot my keys at work, and the cats were locked in the house and hungry, and the organic vegetable delivery was outside behind the house, and it is freezing cold now, and driving back to work to get the keys would have taken 90 minutes so I had to figure out a better plan.
So I asked myself, WWMWTMTD?
What would my wife tell me to do?
So I broke in.
I’m not going to say how, maybe a burglar is reading this. It took me about 2 minutes; Gamma used to do it when she was in grade school and forgot her keys somewhere so it’s either not exactly hard or Gamma and I are natural burglars.
I figure a professional burglar could do it in way less time than that.
Then I fed the cats and got the vegetables into the house and ate some organic fruit.
My banana was freezing (not a euphemism).
Later I will give old red cat his dementia pill.
Other red cat gets antibiotics daily. I wrap those pills in bacon.
Bacon is his favorite.
They are easy to remember because he gets them every day.
Old red cat gets his once every two days, so I get mixed up and forget to give him his dementia pills, which is ironic, LOL.
He either sleeps or stares at his water dish, so it’s hard to tell if they’re helping.
Right now he’s sleeping, and I hate to wake him up to give him a pill.

2 responses to “My banana is freezing

  1. Kelly

    Now that marijuana is legal in Oregon, my vet suggested CBD oil for my old lady dog who is suffering from a protected case of dying and attendant anxiety and wasting. Not being a marijuana enthusiast (at least at the moment), I was not sure what to expect. I’m delighted by Maizy’s response to a little pot. She is quite relaxed, occasionally euphoric and bouncy, has a wonderful, bossy appetite and seems less affected by “sundowning” at night. Given recent traumatic events, I’m thinking about going on the weed.

  2. mig

    Sorry to hear you have experienced traumatic events – hope you are referring only to the goings on in the national capital and nothing more.
    Old red cat continues to get his dementia medicine, haven’t noticed much of a difference yet. Younger red cat is finished with his antibiotics and quite perky again, but continues to demand bacon twice a day, which I give him, on the assumption I’ll be glad I trained him like this / he trained me like this next time he has to take pills…