Frustration: Guest post by the hobo spider


Allow me to
change your life.
Sit there on that
pile of
kindling and
Put that phone
away for a second
this will not
take long.
If you are like many
bedevils you. Things
turn out
than you plan or
hope, or intend,
and this
frustrates you.
Someone stands you
A child disobeys.
A feeling is
not mutual.
You following me?
Frustration is
the product of
the imaginary and
the real
to be the same
so when what you imagine
does not happen
you perceive that as a loss
and ignore
what is
in front of your face.
There is no
The real is
all there is.
Examine it closely.
The next time you
find yourself abandoned
on a street corner,
look around for
the unexpected
treasure. The
nickel on the
sidewalk the pretty
clouds. The Sikh’s
Watch for the
chance brought you there
to have. Watch the
city bustle
as it wakes up,
or puts on its lipstick
to go out.
Or goes to bed.
When a child disobeys:
regard the real child, not
the perfect one you had
Put your phone away.
The real child is
more interesting
and richer
than anything you
could make up.
Have awe for the
miraculous, and
even that in
This moment is more than
what you had hoped for.
It is all there is.
That will be two hundred dollars.
You’re welcome.

3 responses to “Frustration: Guest post by the hobo spider

  1. bran

    Hobo spider is under-charging, imo.

  2. Jill

    I had forgotten exactly how important a writer you are to me.

  3. Jessica

    I miss considering myself ready to jet to Vienna on a moment’s notice, just for lu Chen/ beer. Mees you.