Today’s wet plate

tess05102014Tess, partial shade, f 5.6, 6 seconds, old workhorse collodion, black aluminum plate. The scratch is from a momentary catastrophic loss of coordination in my dinky dark box while putting plate into silver nitrate bath. The original plate is otherwise clean, I think the white specks etc are from the scanner.

I also did my first glass plate today, a portrait of my wife. It turned out reasonably well. Collodion lifting a little here and there around the edges, not sure why, maybe insufficient cleaning of glass before pouring.

3 responses to “Today’s wet plate

  1. So wonderful to see this camera in action. I’m adding your blog to my blogroll hope that’s okay.

  2. mig

    Thanks, Rebecca. Happy to be on your blogroll.
    I love using this camera. I hope to get a travel setup together before winter so I can take pictures of places beyond my back yard.

  3. sharing these photos with my son who aches in his very deep heart for one of these cameras!