New member of the club of animals who make art

To the club of non-human animals who make art – which includes elephants, various apes, and Tillie the Jack Russell Terrier who reminds me a lot of Arnulf Rainer we can now add the Greek tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni), or more specifically, my Greek tortoise, which after several years of small format Jackson Pollack homages graduated today in the kitchen to a new style which, on the one hand still showing a fascination with Pollack, now incorporates the ambition and grand dimensions of Christo and land artists such as Robert Smithson, taking an hour to mop up and making me glad I don’t have a Pinta Island tortoise.

2 responses to “New member of the club of animals who make art

  1. mig

    I was hoping readers would overlook the lack of pics if I included all those other links. I briefly considered taking a picture, but I figured a lot of people might be reading this on their lunch break, you know?