This is like the lamest 1 April ever

I didn’t even remember what day it was until¬† I fell for an online friend’s online hoax. No one at home tried to trick me. I’m so busy gazing at my navel I didn’t try to trick anyone else.¬† This sucks.

4 responses to “This is like the lamest 1 April ever

  1. mig

    Iso Directional Inductive Oscillator Technology, excellent.

  2. mig

    My comment spam filter just filtered my own comment.

  3. Ian Dunlop

    The Irish Theremin School have known how create the polyphonic effect with the standard model. It is all in the way you address the instrument. The thereminist may have to be naked for certain favourites in the thereminist canon, such as Prince’s Purple Rain. This has led to vicious and devisive debate relating to gender and mastery of this unique instrument.