International Release Party for Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals

The book, Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals, is being released today. It is written by me and illustrated by Bran. I know some really critical people and they like both the texts and the illustrations.


You can read a little more about the book here. You can also order the book online from that page, and there is a flickr slide show of all the covers so far. There is some variety, and if you have any preferences you can let me know, but orders will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so there is no guarantee you will get the exact book you want.

Only 50, give or take a couple, copies of this hand-bound first edition will be produced. So you might want to order soon.

There is a flickr set showing the covers etc here.

The book is 82 pages, unnumbered, and chock full of neat illustrations by Bran.

The price is €16, which is about $23.50 depending on exchange rates, and includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.

Any nice comments may be posted in the comments to this post. Any questions etc should probably be mailed to metamorphosist (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

10 responses to “International Release Party for Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals

  1. k.

    yay!!! i’m SO glad i checked this morning! yay!!

    i ordered for myself and one for a gift. it looks beautiful.

  2. They look great, Mig. I ordered mine; preference stated on the PalPal order.

  3. I ordered one. Now, when is that compendium of Teh Bug comix coming out?

  4. mig

    as soon as we get things straightened out with kafka’s estate, brian. negotiations are taking forever, you’ve never seen anything so complicated and bureaucratic, so marked by surreal distortion and often a sense of impending danger.

  5. Jill (formerly jadedju)

    So very excited–and the extra added bonus of Bran’s art can’t be beat!

  6. Jill (formerly jadedju)

    Mig-I just ordered 2. Would love my covers to be the washi paper design and/or the embossed octopus. Naturally I will be grateful and excited no matter what, as long as you inscribe the book with a long note to me detailing the extent of your commitment to our lifelong friendship, and your intention to leave me everything in your will.

  7. Bought one :-)
    via my husbands paypal (Oliver Heine-B… that is :-))
    but it is mine, mine, mine!

  8. Lest I forget: your book release page is really beautiful; Bran’s drawings outstanding!

  9. 1) Exciting!!!
    2) Just jumped out of bed to order mine.
    3) I’d love an embossed squid, if one is available. I am an enormous fan of the yellowy embossed colossal squid in particular. However, every single cover is a lovely work of art, so I’ll be delighted with any of them.
    4) Did I mention I’m excited about this? Many congratulations on the book. :)

  10. It looks great!
    Just ordered mine.
    I’ll trust your choice.
    (No pressure here but I do judge books by their covers…)
    Am giddy with anticipation…