Rorschach Inkblot Test Secret Correct Answers

You have no doubt read of the controversy over a Canadian psychologist posting the Rorschach inkblot plates to Wikipedia. The Wikipedia page is currently locked down, but in case you need to take this test and the psychology industry’s attempts at censorship win out, I’m posting the answer list here:


Plate 1: Ganesha fighting over a dress with Babar (50% off).

Plate 2:

Plate 2: Clown being drowned by his evil Doppelgänger in icy pond.

Plate 3:

Plate 3: Sexually aroused monkeys fighting over head of Britney Spears until their brains are blown out.

Plate 4:

Plate 4: Elephant man wearing pants on his head.

Plate 5:

Plate 5: Conjoined twin alligators dancing.

Plate 6:

Plate 6: A cello blessing the multitudes.

Plate 7:

Plate 7: Infant gives birth process two thumbs up

Plate 8:

Plate 8: Pipi Longstocking, angry because her corset is so tight, strangles two blind moles

Plate 9:

Plate 9: Radioactive seahorses dueling during the Apocalypse

Plate 10:

Plate 10: Sarah Palin crawls from Dick Cheney's rectum with the skeleton of a nun in her teeth.

9 responses to “Rorschach Inkblot Test Secret Correct Answers

  1. k

    this was frosting on top of a perfect day. wonderful, sweet frosting. bless you.

  2. Many years ago when I was a (very young) college student, a friend of mine who had some rather significant mental health problems, told me later that when when they gave her the Rorschach Inkblot Test, all she ever saw in any of the inkblots was “a bunch of penises.” Ever since then I cannot even think of inkblots without remembering what my friend said. I don’t think I could ever take this test without wondering if I were telling the truth, one way or the other – sort of the “don’t think about elephants” thing.

  3. anne

    I can’t wait to see who links this without reading it first.

  4. mig

    “So, patient, what do you see in plate #1?”

  5. That, mig, is what I would be thinking. Something that very obviously looked like a big penis…now what could that be? …a mushroom maybe, a toadstool.. or maybe an oxygen tank, no, a torpedo from WWII – you see the problem.

  6. And I just noticed that while trying not to think about penises, my answers went from soft things to very hard things…

  7. Brilliant and beautiful. Thanks Mig!

  8. Mig, you’re a genius. For sure.

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