Dazed and confused

That’s my Led Zeppelin song, I took a test. I only took the test because I was hoping for “Immigrant Song”.

Word to the wise? If you’re at all absent-minded, don’t read articles about warning signs of dementia if you’re also prone to hypochondria.

Have a nice week.

P.S. what happened to doctors who like you would go to and ask what you had and they would tell you and give you a prescription that would cure whatever you had and you were done? Because I  have been to three specialists for something dermatological, one of them three times because she is the nicest. The nice one has given me three diagnoses: A, B and Not Sure. The other two gave me one diagnosis each, different from the first one. One of the other two gave me a diagnosis within 30 seconds of entering his examination room, a prescription for something that did not work, and the business card of someone else he does business with. The nice one, to whom I recently returned, gave me a new prescription to go with the “not sure” diagnosis that I discovered upon reading the warning information lists among its side effects causing my original diagnosis in a small number of cases.

This is getting a little too circular for comfort.

3 responses to “Dazed and confused

  1. Health care! *shakes fist*

    I guess they’re doing the best they can.

  2. Name Required, Esq.

    You’re good. I don’t like finding or messing with doctors here, or anywhere else. It would take a flesh eating virus, which I sincerely hope was not one of your diagnoses.

  3. mig

    Define “flesh-eating”…