On microtonality and intermittency technique

Concert tour to Italy last weekend, i.e. my amateur orchestra played a theater in Vicenza.  It was wonderful. Here a few impressions, in no particular order because I am still really tired.

While professional musicians have it bad (cheap hotels on the outskirts, wine in plastic cups while VIPs get the crystal), amateur musicians sleep in youth hostels and drink home made wine from 2-gallon bottles in parking lots.

Which was a lot of fun, as it turns out.

Vicenza is a nice town, with a cool theater. Also they’re sharp dressers.

I’m not going to call it messing up my intonation and leaving out the hard notes any more. Instead, it will be known as exploring microtonality and intermittency technique.

At least I wasn’t the one who barfed (discreetly) on stage1.

As far as I know, no one in the audience barfed.

Weather was beautiful in Venice, where we spent a few hours on our way back.

1a high point of my musical career, witnessing that

6 responses to “On microtonality and intermittency technique

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  2. Name Required, Esq.

    Discreetly? Are you sure? Like in someone’s tuba or something?…but seriously, was it the home made wine in 2-gallon bottles? So much for Vicenza always reminding me of Palladio.

  3. mig

    discreetly, as in a quick little barf off to one side and then back to playing. i don’t think wine was to blame as the person in question is about ten years old.

  4. mig

    and, right, yes, palladio everywhere in vicenza.

  5. I think that discreet barf would also have to be a highlight of my musical career. What was the instrument? Makes me wonder what instrument is easiest to barf discreetly around…

  6. mig

    It was a cello, although I’d think a double bass would be even better for discrete barfing.