This morning, in the circus truck

Clown:  So anyway, yeah? There’s this guy, Ev Williams something. And ten years ago he and Al Gore invented blogging or something. Blogger or something.

Lion Tamer: I know. Something dot blogspot.

Clown:  Exactly. And he had no revenue stream, except some ads. And it got real popular, and important, and sold for zillions to Google. And now he has twitter, and no revenue stream at all, and it’s real popular all of a sudden after sort of idling for a couple years or something.

Lion Tamer: And your point is?

Clown: Uh, well, I’m just curious that the same guy hits the nail on the head twice in a row, and this is way cooler than facebook, twitter is, in some ways, and I’m just curious what his, you know, business model is, who’s going to give him a zillion dollars this time. Did you see that? Was that a deer?

Lion Tamer: What?

Clown:  Your mother woke up at three this morning, and then she woke me up, and then we woke the cats up. So I’ve been awake for five hours already, okay? And I caught her jetlag.

Lion Tamer: I think I’m going to France this week. Did I tell you already?

3 responses to “This morning, in the circus truck

  1. lion tamer

    corr.: going to france this evening.

  2. I hope Twitter never sells. things get boring when they sell (Flickr)

  3. mig

    i’m curious what their business plans are.