Goddamn rock ‘n’ roll

Gonna take a week off. Gonna go to Hell. Send ya a postcard. Hey I’m doin’ swell! Wish you were here. Aloha from Hell. I’ll be dancin’ thru the flames. Like a devil in disguise. You can hear me sing. But not by satellite. You can hear me sing. Aloha from Hell. Gonna get a lei. Ring o’fire round my neck. Big ol’ she-devil kiss. Aw hell! What the heck? I’m packin’ my duds. Aloha from Hell. I’ll be glad to get away. Up here everything’s so swell. You know some like it hot and down there it’s hot as Hell. Don’t forget to write. Aloha from Hell.

(The Cramps, “Aloha From Hell”)

Bye, Mr. Lux

5 responses to “Goddamn rock ‘n’ roll

  1. Trish

    What of Toni the exotic dancer
    The Legion of Mary wanted to lance her
    They went on a trip
    and when drowned on the ship
    Exeunt all the rats that enhanced her

  2. M

    That reminds me of Maud the Munificent
    To see her was money well spent
    But for the love rats
    it was just tit for tat
    Ergo Maud often earned not a cent

  3. M

    You see Anon, now shall we go on
    with our ladies and habits thereon
    we have such a store
    of pussy galore
    Ergo the rats I’m afraid, they are gone

  4. M

    I’m so sorry Dita Von Teese
    That I linked your name with sleaze
    Now I see your photo,
    mirabile dictu
    The face of an angel reprieves

  5. M

    Sorry posting in the wrong box again. Yikes