World Domination

Help Feral Living dominate the world by clicking on the map.
But not faster than once a second.
You will be richly rewarded.

[Via Uren.Dagen.Nachten, from whom I am in the process of retaking Austria.]

26 responses to “World Domination

  1. ok, that’s really funny.
    I’m getting you a piece of Canada to go with that Austria. And screwing up someone’s cccr graffitti. woet!

  2. trying to take over Berkeley, which had been conquered by a bunch of .nl folks.

    I ran out of bessejenever last night. They might be able to ransom Berkeley back with bribes.

  3. miguel

    that graffiti is pretty funny. i guess writing “bessejenever” would take too long.

  4. pat

    Heh, I’m actively trying to conquer the Sudan on your behalf.

    Holly hippodays…

  5. pat

    I tried really hard to win you Cape Verde, but dude, that is a slippery little island.

  6. pat

    Er, slippery little ten islands and five islets.

    I hope Cesaria Evora doesn’t come after me…

  7. i held down austria for as long as i could but there’s some bastards over at working with pinky and the brain…

  8. I TRIED TO BAG TURKEY FOR YOU, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE WE GAVE THEM TOO MANY WEAPONS AND F16’s. oh well..i sacked some small islands in indonesia for you.

  9. YES! “You’ve conquered the piece of Austria between longitude 14

  10. Bauke

    I got you cape verde.

    My Girlfriend is happy to hand it over to you but asks if she will still be able to visit her grandparents?

  11. Click on the link to get cape verde again.


  12. bauke

    oh, no never mind. otherwise it will end up as a piece of land. (because that is where the comment code runs from)


  13. Yes, but while you’re doing that, everyone else is in a Blogger Snowball Fight!

  14. I took down Kuwait for you. It was the least I could do.

  15. Teresa

    When I last was concering in your name, Austria was 83.33% yours! Go Mig!

  16. here’s another, lemon flavored:

  17. Teresa

    At this moment, Austria is yours! God this is addicting.

  18. a little bit of snow from the great white north!

  19. I tried to get you Panama, but I kept landing offshore, so:
    You’ve conquered the piece of Venezuela between longitude -72

  20. I think Iowa is yours. Maybe it was Idaho.

  21. A J2O'er


  22. i have no idea what i’m doing or what’s going on but oh my god i’m getting you so many pieces of things. i think. hello, uzbekistan?

  23. miguel

    thanks everyone, thanks miss b.
    to mr or ms A J20’er, i would just like to say, I was pink before you were pink. you entered the fray after i did, so i have to disagree with your accusation of cheating. besides, no rules in risk, right? almost got me while i slept, but me and my posse are back now, d00d.

  24. thats really a funny game… at night time (germany) every piece is conquered by some people from usa, at daytime nearly everything is under european control… and 1,15% under mine… ;o)

  25. New Zealand is yours. I suggest you take refuge there this very minute, because you’re facing very determined opposition.

  26. Anonymous

    NZ has been secured