I wrote a post about what I have to be thankful for, but everything crashed when I hit the “publish” button and the words disappeared. Did anyone feel a disturbance in the Force? See? That’s how unimportant a blog post is.

But just writing the list made me serene, or at least calm despite this Nescafe IV drip I’ve got going here at my desk. So I’m going to try writing the list again.

I am thankful…

  • …that I’m still together with Alpha, because she tolerates my shenanigans, more or less, and is beautiful, sexy, smart, creative, spontaneous, a good dancer, a pretty good cook, could be a little more diplomatic at times, great mom, excellent source of Bug fodder, and looks good in her new jeans, among other things.

  • …for the new red lava lamp.
  • …for my kids, who are equally perfect, while being totally different from each other. Both were born premature, neither has behavioural or physical or mental problems you sometimes run into with preemies. Both are wickedly smart and not afraid of adults.
  • …for our new woodstove.
  • …that I don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday.
  • …that I live in a country where men are still trying to be so macho that Alpha’s girlfriends are envious I’m such a cook, when I don’t really cook all that much.
  • …that not many people I know have died lately, and that we all appear to be fairly healthy, except for my dad’s kidneys and my aunt’s leukemia and my other aunt’s parkinson’s and my uncle going a little loony and the other uncle with the flipper hand.
  • …the chance to take cello lessons.
  • …job, house, car.
  • …for NaNoWriMo. I got a first draft of a novel this month, and had fun doing it. If you had fun with this too, go donate $10 like I just did, they could use the money I think. I mean, even a book costs more than that, and I have a draft of a new novel, woet!
  • …for you, reading this although you must have something better to do. My misanthropy has really suffered from this activity, because I keep meeting nice and/or intelligent people this way. Thanks for dropping by, even if you got here via a google search for “sexy+dancer+flipper+hand”.

OTOH, Things I am not thankful for:

  • George W. Bush

  • The Bush administration in general
  • Automobiles of any size
  • Especially big ones
  • The habit Viennese dog-owners have of not picking up after their dogs, if you know what I mean.
  • George W. Bush
  • George Will, for that matter. I hate that guy.
  • The Music Industry
  • all sorts of other stuff

What about you?

11 responses to “Thanks

  1. D

    Pretty thankful for Alpha too… can I get any leftover sweet potato?

  2. I am thankful for bugs and the men who love them.

  3. I’m thankful for all that stuff (especially the lava lamp). Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m thankful for having you as a virtual/imaginary friend :) And also, I would like to thank my manager, my wife and …

  5. mary

    I’m thankful for the Internet. Without it, I would never have had the chance to meet wonderful people like you. Have a happy Thanksgiving and stuff yourself silly!

  6. I was thankful that I didn’t burn my turkey, but than this horrible shift in the force knocked it off my plate…Don’t you just hate it when that happens… Hope you enjoy your dinner Saturday.

  7. miguel

    YOU DROPPED YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY?? Heh. I dropped a frozen one once, it was like chasing a bowling ball around the kitchen. My favorite turkey story, though, was one my parents told about a drunken uncle trying to carve at the table.

    Imaginary friends. That’s a nice thought, Joeri. I always wanted an imaginary friend as a kid, but didn’t have enough imagination. Now I have hundreds. “This is my imaginary friend Joeri. He’s nine feet tall, you know. And he’s made of lions.”

    Thanks, imaginary friends.

  8. I’ll be your Hobbes if you’ll be my Calvin :)

  9. I’m thankful that I’ve made it this far, and am extra thankfull for all the very patient people who have made it through so much more who coax me into telling my stories and tell my husband’s family what a good girl I am.

    And I’m thankful for having such nifty friends as your bad self.
    Joeri, he’s still imaginary, but I believe in him. I think. Sometimes I think he’s a brilliant but cruel hoax.

    I’m extra thankful that we have freedom of the press, and enjoy – for now – the freedom to go “Kissinger? What the phuck?!? You’re kidding, right?”

  10. kd

    oddly and bizarrely enough, my ‘thankful’ post crashed my computer too. really screwed with my thankfulness for a bit, but i’m better now.

  11. miguel

    maybe the MT upgrade has a corn meme filter