I will be changing hosts shortly. After many years of satisfying service and prompt and competent support, my current host is sort of going out of business, at least the business of hosting this site, and all the related sites. I have already made new hosting arrangements, and am in the process of moving. If all goes well, the most that regular readers might notice is a day or two of wonkiness as the new numbers resolve. There are, like, seven or more years of archives here, and I am trying to get them moved intact, but that turns out to be a hell of a job with moveable type. If all goes wrong, I guess, the worst that could happen is that everything would suddenly dissap

2 responses to “Moving

  1. zeynep

    is the iste already gone? I can only see 3 postings and no archives…
    Good luck with the new host…

  2. I didn’t realize that we had that fine host in common. I’m still trying to figure out where to go for alternate hosting … but the truth is, I secretly just want someone to offer to take care of my site at no cost or effort from me. (Oops — secret’s out! One at a time, please!) Anyway, good luck with your move and let me know if you would recommend the new host.