I took a taxi to the mechanic after work yesterday to pick up my car.
“I’m here to pick up my car,” I said.
“Okay, here,” the man said, and handed me the key.

No signature, no nothing.

I got in and drove to my next appointment.

They had looked at my car, he told me, and found nothing, which is among the things still covered under my guarantee.

Driving home on the freeway, though, I found myself sticking to the right lane, and keeping an eye out for emergency turn-outs etc.

4 responses to “Guarantee

  1. Jann

    Probably won’t happen again until you start driving fast in the left lane and forget all about emergency turn-outs.

  2. mig

    Actually, it happened to me this morning on my way into work. It had sort of moved to the back of my mind. Luckily, it started right up again as if nothing had happened after I pulled over and let it sit a minute. Leaving for home right now, sort of curious how it’ll go.

  3. I used to have a car that did that… but only when it was raining. I never did figure out why, but in the rain it would die every time I tried to idle at a stoplight or anything and then go again (resulting in it dying right in the middle of the HWY 213/Beavercreek Rd. intersection in Oregon City), but it would start up no problem after about five minutes.

    And if it wasn’t raining, it always ran fine… but it’s usually raining in Oregon. I never did find out why it did that.

  4. mig

    you never figured out why it rained in oregon? it has something to do with clouds coming in from the coast.

    i had a car (peugot) that would not start on damp days because the distributor would get wet with condensation.