On happiness

My car just broke down on my way to bring my broken iBook to an Apple dealer.

6 responses to “On happiness

  1. TH

    Did you offend some karmic gods recently?

  2. mig

    Beta, honey?

  3. Jann

    Hope they’re both fixed by now. And remember, “Could be worse!”

  4. joeri

    Hopefully the Apple dealer hasn’t burnt down or anything…

  5. mig

    when i got home friday night, i went to mix myself a big martini, and discovered i was out of gin.

  6. zeynep

    You have DEFINITELY offended Dionysos!

    Oh and before I forget, referring to the post “Bedtime Story” – don’t worry!!- I am 33, and my father is still my hero. I still have the same feelings of warmth, love, security and acceptance when I am around him ( Of course mothers and daughters are a whole different story.. :)

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