I woke up this morning

Yesterday morning, too. I told my wife, I had a dream about Uschi Fellner.
My wife said she’d also had a dream about Uschi Fellner, who is a publisher here in Austria.
I said, Uschi Fellner asked offered me “four hundred” to write a music column for her newspaper. I told her (Uschi Fellner) that TH or Horst would do a far better job than I would. In fact, many people would be better-suited than I to write a music column, but those are the two I recommended in the dream. After that, I smoked a cigarette with Uschi Fellner’s hot dark-haired friend (although I have quit smoking in waking life). We started in her living room, but she made us go out onto the balcony to smoke. Everything in her nearly-empty apartment was chic and white.

My wife told me that in her dream, Uschi Fellner’s dark-haired friend had interviewed her.

Oh, wait, I’m off a day. This was not yesterday morning, this was the day before yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, my wife and I discussed dreaming about the Spice Girls (her) and a violin instructor doing naked yoga (me).

One thing this dream was doing (the day before yesterday, at least) was reminding me to finally write a list of songs as prompted by TH here.

I have a policy of never doing lists like this, and another policy of often doing them after all, just to prove my pathetic, in this case, musical taste. Read TH’s answers, and compare them to mine in the extended version of this post, and you will understand why I recommended him to Uschi Fellner instead of me.

(I have taken the liberty of translating this into English)
A song

3 responses to “I woke up this morning

  1. TH

    Whoohoo. I’ll have to investigate the gaelic stuff.

    (And thanks for the dream recommendation, I do doubt that I’d like to write for “

  2. mig

    well, i hear they pay four hundred.

  3. mig

    also, great headlines: “Benazir Bhutto Assassinated! Top Diets for 2008!”