What about the salt lick?

It’s been foggy lately. In the mornings. Haven’t seen any deer lately, though. Maybe someone told them about hunting season.

Deer 1: WTFBBQ!!1!
Deer 2: Yep.
Deer 1: What about the salt lick?
Deer 2: [Nods slowly.]
Deer 1: Whoa.

A hearse passed me on my way to work yesterday morning, and I was already speeding. Its license plate number indicated it was licensed in a town upriver. Then a whole pod of cars with plates from the same town, about a dozen of them, sped past too. My mind was occupied trying to figure that one out the rest of the way to the office.

I figure they were all late to a funeral, but the hearse too? They’re not going to start without you, dude.

Maybe he stole the body and the others were trying to catch him. Leave your theories in the comments.

6 responses to “What about the salt lick?

  1. Jann

    How about…the clergyperson conducting the funeral had another event scheduled for immediately afterward, and had barely managed to fit this funeral into his calendar to begin with.

  2. Jann

    This reminds me of that line from the song “Poor Judd is Dead” …”It’s summer and we’re running out of ice.” From “Oklahoma” (Rodgers and Hammerstein).

  3. Maybe it was a Jewish funeral and they were coming up on the 48-hours-from-death-to-burial rule, and the rabbi was known to be long-winded?

  4. cj


  5. Hourly rate for hearse rental.

  6. zeynep

    maybe they went to the wrong graveyard and realized at the last minute