Monday morning prayer

On the weekend I stood in the library with a cup of coffee and watched you swimming in the pool in a red one-piece, back and forth, unaware of me, a soft smile on your face. The pool was a drag to build but this makes it worth it and today, stuck in traffic, I think, god, or mathematics or whoever, let me be a ghost afterwards. Let me haunt you like this and see you happy, unobserved, that is all I ask.

7 responses to “Monday morning prayer

  1. TH

    watching someone you love sleeping.

  2. I had no idea you were there.

  3. k.

    this was so lovely it made me cry.

  4. zeynep

    I pray that the “afterwards” comes very late for you and for everyone you love – may you continue to observe …. and write….

  5. mig

    thanks. that makes two of us.