Music file question

I got a CD with a recording of the tune I composed a while back. I know nothing about file formats etc, but this seems rather large, at 6 MB for a 6 minute tune. The file suffix is m4a. I would like to upload it and link it here so anyone interested can hear it. Do I need to convert it to an MP3 or anything?

5 responses to “Music file question

  1. TH

    m4a is the suffix for iTunes AAC encoded files.

    6MB for 6 minutes is pretty much standard and OK

    convertimng it to an MP3 would probably bbe nice for readers with older computers. Newer machines/software should all be able to read m4a.

  2. pam

    You gotta have iTunes to play m4a files (unless this has changed and Windows Media Player now supports Apple’s format). mp3 plays on just about everything.

  3. You can pretty much play them anywhere now, so I don’t think it would be a problem.

  4. Chris G

    You can also use a media player that plays just about anything. I’d recommend “The KM Player”. It is not well known but has handled everything I’ve thrown at it.

  5. On your iBook using iTunes, look under the Advanced menu for ‘Convert Selection to Mp3’… or if you like, I can send you FTP info for my server and I’ll be happy to convert it ;-)