I dreamt I was tired

I had a dream you were supposed to take a test and had no pants. I won’t tell you what sort of test, so you’ll still be surprised if the dream comes true.
I don’t want to spoil anything.
Somebody was talking about their dreams.
I haven’t remembered a dream in so long.
I put Gamma to bed, tell her a story, then I also go to bed. Then I wake up rarin’ to go.
That’s the theory anyway.
I stopped taking the pain killers. They were making me fart, even though I was taking this other pill first to “protect my stomach”.
I won’t go in to the details, man.
So now I just take the muscle relaxant, which is weaker than the other muscle relaxant that made me so terribly depressed last time. This one has “lud” in its name, but it just makes me tired.
Mainly I take it for an excuse not to have to drive anywhere at night. Like yesterday, Alpha had to drive Gamma and me to the running sushi place.
I called and reserved a table by the running sushi thing, which is usually a good idea because it sucks to have to sit in the buffet seating part of the restaurant and lean over people, ‘scuse me! to get sushi.
That seems so rude.
Last night there was a guy with a very nasty-looking skin condition, purplishly disfiguring, sitting upstream from us.
We ate our fill anyway. Gamma and Alpha had their backs to him and I didn’t point him out.
Alpha kept remarking on the sushi going past. She would point and say, “shrimp!”
Or she would say, “crab!”
It was not clear whether she was showing off her knowledge of sea animals or did she want me to grab her sushi. Cause Gamma had, once again, taken a good seat right by the conveyor belt. I had a good seat too, this time, because Alpha had stayed outside the restaurant for a minute while we went in, because she had to finish talking on her phone.
“Fruit salad!”
I’m going to stop taking the muscle relaxants and see if 1. my back spasms return, and 2. if I suddenly have a big rush of dreams. I’m hoping for 1 and doubting 2.

Orchestra rehearsal coming up this weekend. Grieg and Mozart again. Conductor chewed us out last time for being so slack on those two, and told us to practice before the big rehearsal this weekend. And did we practice? Not me. I practiced whatshisface, some other non-orchestra piece. Then my back went out, but the two events are not connected.

And, hey, it looks as if the piece I composed might actually get performed. Ideally, it will be played by ten harps, one cello and two cell phones. That’s what I wrote it for. Eight harps would work. If this takes off, you’re all invited to the concert.

3 responses to “I dreamt I was tired

  1. k

    i feel like such a dolt, but often i just want to tell you how you made me laugh.

    so now i’ve done it.

  2. mig

    just heard, my composition will be performed by a minimum of three and a maximum of six harps, one cello and two cell phones.

  3. Have you seen “Salome’s Last Dance”? It features (I’m SURE I’m remembering this correctly) Peer Gynt. Never going to hear it without seeing the scene in the movie.