It’s not called ‘hardware’ for nothing

    I would like to watch a DVD.
    I’m sorry, Mig. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
    What do you mean you can’t do that?
    It appears your copy of Windows has expired.
    It’s a brand-new laptop. Alpha just bought it. Ain’t nothing can be expired on it.
    Your copy of Windows appears to be expired. Please register now or you may not be able to use Windows.
    Oh, I get it. Where’s the “register later” option? I just want to fire this up and watch a DVD.

    Please enter the 25-digit code from the sticker on your CD-ROM.
    The software was on the notebook when it was purchased. There is no fricking Windows CD. Please log the hell on.
    I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
    What did you just call me? You just called me Dave.
    I did not. Why would I do that?
    You did so.
    Please enter the 25-digit code from the sticker.
    I just looked. There is no sticker.
    The sticker might be on your computer.
    Where? OK, here it is on the bottom.


    WTF? Ah. What, you don’t like being turned upside-down? Pff. Reboot.
    Please enter the 25-digit code.
    [sounds of typing] Man, what you need 25 digits for anyway?
    Please select an option for registration.
    I would like to register later.
    Would you like to register online, or by automatic telephone system?
    Christ, I entered 25 digits, isn’t that enough?

    Would you like to register online, or by automatic telephone system?
    Do you know the song “Mairzy Doats”? Remember that one? OK, online.
    Please select an option to establish an Internet connection.
    Oh, hell, what’s my username and password for that?
    Please enter username and password.
    I wrote them down because I suspected this would happen some day. Where are they?
    You may call the help line to retrieve your password if you have forgotten or lost it.
    However, you will need the telephone password you selected when establishing your account.
    Oh, man. If I did that, it’s with the rest of the passwords and stuff.

    If you have not yet established a telephone password, you may also fax a message, with signature, someplace, saying something, and that might help. Maybe.
    It’s, what, midnight. Someone is going to read the fax?
    It’s possible.
    Good night, HAL.
    Good night, Mig.

4 responses to “It’s not called ‘hardware’ for nothing

  1. You so beat me to the punch on that one, Horst. :-)

  2. mig

    I’ll have to watch that from work, the sound is not working on my home PC…

  3. flerdle

    My mac is in for fan replacement. *sigh*