Nie wieder Grieg

A cellist1 and a violinist2 are in the same amateur orchestra. They are sitting at a kitchen table, talking shop.
Cellist: You going to the rehearsal this afternoon?
Violinist: Uh-huh.
Cellist: You have the songs down already?
Violinist: Ehn.
Cellist: How’s the Mozart?
Violinist: I can sort of play it.
Cellist: The Mozart is okay at half speed. Full speed it still throws me. What about the Grieg?
Violinist: Nuh-uh. Not at all.
Cellist: That’s a relief. Me neither. I have a total mental block on the Grieg.


2Gamma’s 9-year-old girlfriend.

3 responses to “Nie wieder Grieg

  1. ah. the footnotes make all the difference. reading the small print is always worth it….

  2. Hey, I am responding to your previous post regarding hypnotism. (the comments are disabled)

    I am a beginning hypnotist, and know a good bit about it. Basically, you don’t get knocked unconcious, nessicarily. Hypnotism is basically using words to relax a person to a state where they close their consious mind, and allow the hypnotist to speak directly to the subconsious. Since your subconsious can only process one thing at a time, you can’t access your contradictory knowledge. If the hypnotist tells the person they are a racecar driver, they don’t know they aren’t. So basically, hypnosis is just an altered state, you don’t neccisarily black out. It just feels really relaxing, and although a bit of amnesia is normal, its not garentueed.

    sorry about my spelling.

  3. Jann

    I like this; even more so after reading the footnotes.