We play dice. In turns, we take five dice in our hands and toss them into a round black plastic tray with green felt along the bottom. According to the rules we collect points and advance or lose. We talk trash. Especially Gamma, she totally started the trash talking. Gamma gets some amazing rolls.

The day before yesterday, a grey November evening, we were playing. Four people, five dice, thrown over and over. On one of my turns, I threw the dice and when they came to a stop one was balanced on its corner. Sometimes they will come to a rest against the wall of the tray, you know, and you can slap the tabletop and they will fall over onto one side. But no matter how I slapped the table, this die stayed on its corner. And it wasn’t even touching a wall.

In all our years of dice playing, none of us had ever seen such a thing. You can’t balance a die on its corner even if you try, not even on felt.

One or two rolls later, it happened again!

Then it stopped.

The next morning, my mother called early to say my father had passed away.

25 responses to “Dice

  1. Mig – mein aufrichtiges Beileid. :-(

  2. Very sorry to hear about your loss, my friend.

  3. Pam

    I’m really sorry to read about your loss.

  4. mig. i am so sorry.

  5. D

    Dude. Just… dude.

    I’ll be on gmail if you feel like talking.

  6. k.

    i’m wishing you peace. you and your family.

  7. k.

    i’m so sorry. i’m wishing for you and your family peace and comfort.

  8. What an amazing experience that he stopped to say goodbye. I am so sorry for your loss.

  9. I’m sorry Miguel…but it’s nice that he played along on his new journey.

  10. I am so sorry, Mig.

  11. flerdle

    Wow, what a marvellous way to drop by. I’m very sorry to read about your loss, mig.

  12. Sharing in your sorrow and offering deepest sympathy.

  13. Peace to you and yours, old buddy. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

  14. Bauke

    Well… Shit…

    Sorry about your loss.

  15. Sorry to read about your loss. Hang in there, Mig.

  16. My deepest sympathy.

  17. gordon

    I’m sorry, mig. To judge a tree by its apple, he must have been a remarkable man.

  18. marina

    So he came to you one last time. That is something good to have. I am sorry for these sad days.

  19. A few years after he died, I felt my Dad’s presence in the delivery room when my third son was born. It brought a peaceful conclusion to my grieving.

    My condolences..


  20. I join the internets here in saying that I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m sure it’s extra hard being so far away (though perhaps at this very minute you are on your way to the States?). Peace.

  21. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I am truely sorry…I think I know how you feel…time heals all things, or at least numbs the pain.

  22. wishing you peace, mig… for your heart, for your mind, for your soul…

  23. mig

    Thanks, everyone.