Lou Reed and Iggy Pop


Lou Reed: [Lifts Iggy Pop onto chair so he can see into mirror. Stands behind Iggy with his chin on Iggy's shoulder so their faces are side-by-side looking into mirror.]
Iggy Pop: What?
Lou Reed: Notice anything?
Iggy Pop: Like what?
Lou Reed: Same face.
Iggy Pop: Really? You think so?
Lou Reed: Just look! Look at the cheeks and the chin.
Iggy Pop: Wow! Right!
Lou Reed: And the eyes and the nose.
Iggy Pop: [Laughs]
Lou Reed: [Laughs and hugs Iggy Pop]
Lou Reed: How can a 47-year old man and a 9-year old girl have the same face? It doesn’t seem possible, and yet there it is. And such a nice face.

Iggy Pop: What happened to your throat? You have something stuck to it.
Lou Reed: I cut myself shaving.
Iggy Pop: That many times???
Lou Reed: I like a close shave.
Iggy Pop: [With sympathy] Man, I’m glad I’m not old yet.
Lou Reed: Excuse me?
Iggy Pop: Nothing.
Lou Reed: I bet your pardon? Really, I didn’t hear what you said.
Iggy Pop: Nothing. I didn’t say anything.

2 responses to “Lou Reed and Iggy Pop

  1. That Iggy, man. Always stirring the pot.

  2. i’m glad i’m not old yet, too! *heeee!*