How to escape from a cemetery

  1. Wander around the cemetery next to the place you’re waiting to meet the bus bringing your homestay guest, which is late.

  2. No idea why they made an out of the way cemetery the meeting place. Maybe because it had a big parking lot.
  3. Be way over in some remote corner when the cemetery manager person locks the gates at closing time.
  4. Rattle the gate for a while, in vain.
  5. Stack garbage cans by the wall, climb up, jump out.

At least that’s how Beta does it.

Also, a brief note on Gamma. Gamma has discovered a new pasttime: stirring shit. Sowing the seeds of discord, whatever you like to call it. Typical little sister, what can I say, although she doesn’t limit her shit stirring to her big sister, she likes to get Alpha and me riled up too. More on this later.

One response to “How to escape from a cemetery

  1. Well at least the stacked garbage cans are a better way to escape than having an acorn fall on your back (leaving the impression someone touched you) — and then clearing the fence in one bound with room to spare.