Recent conversations

This morning, in the car on the way to the train station:
Man: A bunch of great blog post topics occurred to me when I was meditating this morning.
Girl, 16: …
Man: But now I can’t remember any of them.
Girl, 16: …

Two days ago, in the kitchen:
CD player: [doing, twang, ching, ching, doing]
Girl, 8: What. Is that. Buddha Bar? Pff.
Girl, 16: What. You’d prefer Rammstein I suppose.
Man: Heh.

This morning, in the kitchen:
Girl, 8: School. Yuck.
Man: But if you study well, you could open your own Rammstein school.
Girl, 8: Yeah!
Man: Where everything is taught through Rammstein.
Girl, 8: In math, I would teach, “Ramm + Stein = Rammstein.”
Man: Right.
Girl, 8: And so on.
Man: Like that.

ob.gif This isn’t maybe funny, but I was thinking “Occult Blood” would be a good name for either a darkish band, or a horror movie. Or maybe an album by a darkish band with a better name.

Also, that “Rammsmeier” would be a good name for a brass band that did Rammstein covers.

I got like 9 hours of sleep last night, not counting dozing back to sleep after cats woke me up a few times, or when Gamma woke me by kicking off the covers. I went to bed at about eight thirty PM and got up after 5 AM. I’m unstoppable.

Now, off to take a shower, go grocery shopping, cook, clean a little and pick Alpha up at the train station.

2 responses to “Recent conversations

  1. occult blood, by satan and the libations.

    i support it. it sounds all goth! it’s probably already a livejournal blog name.

  2. “Ramm + Stein = Rammstein.”

    I like the way she thinks.