The woman at our local DVD rental place confirms the videos when you check them out, to make sure you’re getting the right ones.
“Jet Li The One, The Demon Hunter, Pegasus Barbie,” she said.
She may as well have shouted, “Alpha’s away on business this week.”
Jet Li was okay. Kind of crappy, but not his fault. Demon Hunter really sucked, now I know what it means when the box quotes Quentin Tarantino (“Great!”). Barbie, there was a bit of a problem dealing with the 3-D glasses, but otherwise it fulfilled all our expectations.
In one scene, Barbie enchants the evil sorcerer with the magic wand of light. Many magic sparkles. Then she rises up into the air, Glenda-like, in a big sphere of more sparkles, which expands and enchants everything.
“Wow, this is really maximum glitter,” I said.
Gamma agreed.

Alpha comes home today, Gamma was away at her grandparents, so Beta and I watched more DVDs last night. We watched a French detective film, both Vincent Cassel and Jean Reno were great in it, we agreed. Then I went to bed and I guess Beta watched Alexander all by herself. I assumed she wanted to see it because of what’s-his-face’s wiener, but she claimed she wanted to see Angelina Jolie.

6 responses to “DVDs

  1. bran

    hehehehe. maximum glitter.
    good thing the evil sorcerer didn’t have the Massive Staff of Sticky Glue, as it is the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Maximum Glitter.

  2. It was a good move to go to bed because Alexander was terrible. You may need to send Beta to therapy to help her recover.

  3. beta

    first of all, you don’t even see his penis… not that i would care. what do you know. and, it did suck. angelina jolie had this really weird accent… doing the r thing and stuff

  4. mig

    was it as bad as demon slayer?

  5. mig

    or demon hunter or whatever the name was?

  6. PAUL

    Jet Li is not the greatest actor in the world, but Unleashed is not a bad movie, it has Bob Hoskins playing a nasty Scottish (or was it English?) hoodlum, so thats a bonus..