I’ve got a pattern going on here don’t I. I can see it.

    Right now this works as a joke, doesn’t it? Just asking. In two weeks it’s vapid nonsense. But for a single fortnight… a two-week window of significance.

TV, radio, hammer: increasingly what… increasingly sophisticated forms of entertainment.

“It was probably just some little, tiny job too, wasn’t it?” he said to me when I explained how my finger got blue.

“I was hammering in a single… a single thing to keep the tortoise in, because she keeps trying to escape.” A single stake-like contraption to fill a hole in the fence. Got my finger on the first swing. When I hurt myself, I’m very efficient.

It’s not really that bad. It only hurts when I play a B-flat on the A string. Unfortunately, this new song I’m learning has a few of them. It goes from B-flat to D above that, so I’ve got my hand stretched out and press down with the right corner of the tip of my index finger, seen from above, which is the part that got smashed.

It had to be the B-flat, too, the note that, every time I play it, I have to think, why do they have to call it a B in German? In German, a B-flat is called B and B is called H. There’s a historical reason for it but I prefer to complain about it.

3 responses to “Hammer

  1. if i had a bug blog,
    i’d sing cello in the morning,
    sing nostalgia in the evening,
    all over the net
    i’d meet Apocalyptica!
    i’d appreciate techno-lo-gy!
    i’d hammer a bruise! into! my pretty purple fingers!
    all over the net.

  2. I remember how much I used to enjoy nostalgia. I remember it very fondly, in fact.

    that H thing is just. crazy. I mean, I think I pseudo-knew it, but if I did pseudo-know it, I’m sure I would have guessed that H was G# or A flat because, well, wouldn’t that make more sense? Really. What the hell is the H doing, skuttering up the scale like that? History. History is bunk.

  3. mig

    whether history is bunk or not depends on whether or not you’re on the winning side i guess. nostalgia, on the other hand. ah, nostalgia.