On my way home from a pointless drive into Vienna yesterday morning, angry at the world and especially at work for requiring I come in for no reason, pointless, pointless, eight deer ran across a field in deep snow.

Then I went into the backyard and build an igloo for Gamma. After which I forbade her ever to go inside it because it might collapse on her.

I’m a sick piece of work.

We inspected the igloo this morning prior to me pulling her to school on a sled. It’s still a bit small inside for her, she can’t quite sit up in it. I told her I’d hollow it out for a her more. I told her it’s okay to play in, just make sure she’s not alone.

First contact with Beta since her departure for France. We all miss her. Gamma just misses her, period, all the time. I feel de-lionized, in a neutral to negative way. Alpha is suffering more than she’d expected. The main cat is sleeping on Beta’s dirty clothes and not getting off.

Saturday we went sledding. Gamma whined less this year. It was quite enjoyable. We slept well that night.

6 responses to “Pointless

  1. tim

    how do you build an igloo? how do you make it stand up while it’s only half-built?

  2. mig

    I’ll answer that in a post of its own.

  3. paul

    What does “de-lionized” mean? Can’t quite figure out what it might mean. Can’t you sleep all day anymore? Can you no longer laze around while your mate gets dinner for you? Are you losing your main of hair?

    I think I’m not getting the reference..

  4. paul

    Of course I meant “mane of hair” not “main of hair”…

  5. j-a

    oh i hope your kiddo is having a great time in france, if not now, soon. i would have loved to go to france when i was her age!

  6. mig

    i mentioned in an earlier post, paul, that with beta gone i feel as if a lion has been removed from my back. i don’t know what that means either.

    beta called home last night and seems to be doing well. the english teacher at school fears her, to her profound satisfaction, because her host-sister mentioned to him that beta is bilingual. but it is cold there. which suits mother alpha just fine, because she now has a purpose in life again – she spent all evening yesterday packing a crate of warm clothes, from socks to fleece jammies.