The scientific method

Hypothesis: Corn meal, while adding interesting elements of taste and texture to Mig’s Interesting Pizza Dough [Note: I would be willing to change the name to Mig's Incredible Pizza Dough in exchange for a deal with the marketers of The Incredibles. Or not.] can build clumps baked to a hardness capable of breaking a molar and requiring an emergency trip to the dentist, where he takes forever to get the dental dam thing on you and his assistant, although a pretty Gothic-type pale blonde, sits just out of your line of sight and is a bit lax about sucking the water and saliva back out of your mouth so you half-drown during the repair process and when you get back to work you TWALK WIKE A STWOKE ICKTIN until after lunch due to the novocaine.

Experiment results: Hypothesis confirmed.

10 responses to “The scientific method

  1. i don’t even need to tell you the kinds of hits you’re going to get now for “dental dam” and “gothic-type pale blonde”. sorry about your tooth though.

  2. mig

    I celebrated the recent Bush “inauguration” by getting over 1000 hits for combinations involving the phrase “Bush twins”.

  3. mig

    Pale, gothic Bush twins.

  4. mig

    Condoleezza Rice with a dental dam on a grand piano, with Bush twins.

  5. mig

    Hey, it’s a contest!

  6. For future reference, the cornmeal goes UNDER the pizza dough, not IN the pizza dough.

  7. You forgot Brahms: Condoleezza Rice with a dental dam on a grand piano with Bush twins and Brahms topless.

  8. mig

    Brahms nipple slip.

  9. D

    Speaking of contests… is it too early for Valentine’s limmericks?

  10. mig

    Thanks for reminding me. Just in time.