It’s a wonderful life

  • 2.30-4.00 AM: Gamma on toilet with bucket in her lap, blowing it out both ends simultaneously.

  • 6.30: first shopping trip to nearby store.
  • 8.00: Gamma to school, where she’s reading etc at the school Christmas thing.
  • 8.30-10.30: Mad shopping: groceries, last-minute presents.
  • 10-30-12.00: School Christmas thing. Gamma did a great job.
  • 12.00-18.00: Some cooking, some video-watching, some hanging out, bunch of working on stuff I’ve forgotten.
  • 18.00-19.00: Take Beta to hairdresser for hairdo appraisal for the ball.
  • 19.00-22.00: Wrap presents. Drink Guinness. Get cranky, be mean and nasty to wife and Beta (Gamma already in bed). Regret it.
    22.00-24.00: Watch traditional Christmas movie of love and sacrifice: Donnie Darko.

  • Next day (today): resolve to be nicer. So far so good.

One response to “It’s a wonderful life

  1. The dreaded bucket-toilet combo, and she made it to school and the Christmas thing? She’s tougher than I am.

    And the “Get cranky, be mean and nasty” part — that’s the hardest thing to write, the “I’m an asshole sometimes for no good reason” entries you never see anyone write.