Eye update

Vision comes and goes. Bit blurry in an i’m-gonna-need-glasses way at times, then quite sharp in a hope-it’ll-stay-like-this way. Was quite sharp yesterday, started out good today then got worse. I wear RayBans all the time to keep out the dust and medium-spicy red Thai curry sauce (which stung some but not as much as I imagine the quite spicy green variety does). Eyes at time feel they’re vibrating, which I don’t imagine is good, but no pain except when I put in the eyedrops, and that is mild, maybe a 2 in the scheme of things.

Life goes on. Alpha, Beta and Gamma are in Ireland in the ancestral stomping grounds (West/Northwest). They have adopted a cat in their cottage. I am home alone with our cats, but not allowed to pet them due to they have hair that could theoretically get in my eyes. Last night we couldn’t stand it any more and I petted them. We were all very happy, like people finally allowed to pet after not being allowed to pet for a long time.

I got over my post-operative mania, and my post-mania dark depression and am now simply frustrated like a normal person that I may not engage in vigorous physical activity down to bending over, exercising, carrying anything mildly heavy, or anything. But that will pass. That’s life. Fingers crossed for exam at end of month to see whether I need glasses and what kind.

That is all.