$0.05, $0.10

It was raining on my way to work this morning, so the windshield wipers decided not to work.

Holding the bag

Begin with a guided meditation (you are wearing comfortable, loose clothing and are in a dimly-lit room, right?):

  • Imagine a young woman.
  • Imagine she is leggy and beautiful.
  • Imagine she is Chinese.
  • Imagine her hair done up for a wedding at which she is a guest.
  • Imagine her happy.
  • Imagine she is wearing a long, sequiny, blue Chinese party dress, tightly buttoned up to the throat, and slit up to her hip bones.
  • Imagine her climbing out of a wildly rocking row boat.
  • Imagine Mig squatting on the dock, steadying the boat at this moment.

I had so much fun at a wedding last night.

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pythagorasThm.gifMore than two thousand years ago, Euclid taught us about triangles. Book 1 culminated with the famous Pythagoras Theorem (a2 + b2 = c2) as Proposition 47 and 48 respectively.

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    Alien 1: What do you mean, which one? That one there, standing on the shoulder next to the car with the hazard lights going.
    Alien 2: So?
    Alien 1: He’s saying something. What’s he saying?

    Alien 2: What?
    Alien 1: Turn on the speakers! Listen! He’s saying, “Come take me with you! Take me away! Rectal probes, breeding experiments, I don’t care.”
    Alien 2: Preparing tractor beam.
    Alien 1: Wait! Hang on, what’s that in his hand? Looks like a…
    Alien 2: Aiiieee! He’s playing a tin whistle!
    Alien 1: Fucking fuckity-fuck, let’s get out of here!

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