Girl vs. Man, part n

Girl: Mom, do men have a thing like menopause too?
Mom: Yes. Male menopause, yes.
Man: [Holds hands over ears]
Girl: Could that explain why dad is so cranky lately?
Mom: I suppose so, honey.
Man: Lalalalalala.


If your surname was Estomen, and you had a son, would you name him Norman?

Metamorphosism, the Lifestyle Magazine

At the newsstand, glossy advice: Summer of Sex, 56 Things You’ve Never Tried; Secrets to Great Abs; 40 Secret Rules of Being a Guy. On and on. It’s like an industry.

Let’s make a magazine. Put your headlines and or articles in the comments.

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Teens nowadays

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re-run (originally posted Nov. 2003)

International diplomacy

I was sitting around with a bunch of young diplomats from around the world the other day drinking coffee and talking about international relations.

    Diplomat 1: Bzzbzzbzzbzbzzz.
    Diplomat 2: Bzzbzbbzzzzbzbzbzz.
    Diplomat 3: Bzzbzbzbzbbbbbzzzz.
    Diplomat 4: Bzzbzbbbbzzzzzzbzbzzz.
    Diplomat 5: Bzzbzbbzzz
    Diplomat 6: Bbzzzzbzbzbzz
    [finally, 15 minutes later, the topic drifts to something I can contribute to]
    Diplomat 2: …hands, and feet were also bound. And gagged.
    Diplomat 3: What did police say the cause of death was again?
    Diplomat 2: Asf… asfi… asfix…
    Me: Asphyxiation?
    Diplomat 4: Say what?
    Me: Asphyxiation.
    Diplomat 5: Spelled how?
    Diplomat 6: A-S-P-H-Y-X-I-A-T-I-ON
    [everyone looks at him suspiciously]
    Diplomat 6: [shrugs]
    Diplomat 3: What is that, exactly?
    Me: Remember Michael Hutchence?