Blogtalk 2.0

Currently debating whether I should attend Blogtalk 2.0. It’s being held in Vienna. But 5-6 July, those are week days, aren’t they. Feh. I’d have to use up two days out of the 5 weeks vacation I get.

Or feign illness…


Oh what a perfect day

Usually the knowledge that you will ultimately die — not now, not soon, rather at some distant, distant, please, very, very far off time, but still, ultimately — is comforting. Or, perhaps by congratulating yourself on your cleverness at deducing that it is death that raises life’s price and maybe even value by giving it scarcity you manage to distract yourself from what might otherwise terrorize you. Whatever. Either way, you accept, more or less, the birth-work-death cycle.

Except on days such as this. This, the day in question, being last Thursday I believe, when I stood at a window at work looking at the snow with a single thought in my mind: I could live forever on a day like this. The snow was perfect snowman/igloo-building snow. The sky was overcast but not dark; pleasantly but not blindingly/skin-carcinogenicly/cataract-causingly bright. Cold so it wasn’t melting but not cold-cold. Just under freezing.

In other words, a perfect day. I even thought of the song.

I could live forever. I suppose I did, in those couple minutes.

Then I went back to my desk and checked my referrer stats again.

On sexual reproduction in humans

Jadedju’s thoughtful essay on dating, Don’t Ever Take a Walk with Me, got me thinking, which is often a bad idea, so I stopped and began to reminisce instead.

Not only is my wife a very sweet person at times and I {{{heart}}} her a whole lot, which by itself is probably enough of a reason to stay married; being married also means I don’t have to date anymore (except for dates with my wife which I enjoy greatly, or dad-daughter dates with my daughters, which is also nice). But dating-dating? First-dating? I am so thankful I don’t have to do that. So, so thankful. I would rather go in for another root canal than go on a first date.

I’ve had a couple memorable dates, though, back in the sad days before I met my wife.

Liisa, for example. A smart brunette of Finnish extraction I met at college in Seattle. Interesting tastes in music and attire. Exotic double vowel in her name. Liked to eat and drink. She invited me over to her dorm room (she lived a couple floors down or up and down the hall) for lasagne and wine. All her dorm-mates were out. We filled up on the delicious pasta dish she had cooked and emptied a bottle or two of red wine.

We sat down on the sofa. She got what I thought was a sort of dreamy or sleepy expression in her eyes and lay down with her head in my lap, and did something I will never forget as long as I live.

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Happy world domination day

Hi. I’m a bit preoccupied today with efforts to publicize Teh Bgu. You can help introduce him to a wider audience by linking on your site today, if you don’t already, and if it like doesn’t clash with your usual style or anything. If enough people link, you see, the site gets onto Blogdex or other similar places, and millions of people see it. Literally millions. And they all come to the site to play with the Ebug Bugbot and buy the merchandise and syndicate the comic and all that. So, if it’s no problem for you – totally optional of course – please give The Bug a link today. We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming shortly.


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Queer marriage

First, go read Peggy.

Also Gwen.

I’ve always found marriage a most queer institution, so this whole controversy is a little hard for me to understand. I’m straight, I’m married and I don’t feel threatened by anyone else getting married unless it’s like Rush Limbaugh marrying Ann Coulter and they’re planning offspring.

I’m an ordained minister (and have performed a marriage, and they’re still married), and wouldn’t mind performing marriages between consenting adult humans as long as they promise to coax me thru when I get stagefright.